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Invitation: Tech meetup at The Gathering 2017!

Do you do Tech-stuff at a computer party? Any computer party? Then this is for you.

We are looking to put together an informal "Tech-meetup" during The Gathering 2017. The exact program is yet to be decided, the only thing we know is who we want there: Anyone who are part of a tech crew at a computer part or similar event.

This is the result of seeing just how many great people there are out there. And to be more open about what we do at The Gathering, or any other computer party.

The idea is simple: We meet up during the event. Most likely some time during Friday (daytime), but that's subject to change. We perhaps do a small presentation of TG tech crew with a twist of some sort, Q&A, and then open the floor to discussion about whatever. There's no super-hard agenda. We can talk about TCP checksum mechanics, DHCP lease times, cable termination, how to best store switches, what candy makes for the best NOC-candy, pros and cons of renting equipment versus buying it. Or just exchange "war stories".

Does this sound interesting? Then drop me a mail at and let me know. This isn't an application, just a "I want in! I've been setting up the network at this local party with 40 participants for the last few years and this would be fun!" thing.

I'm sure we should've put together a better sign-up process, but we're lazy.

Well, I'm lazy anyway. If my mail-box explodes due to this, we might have to rethink this.

From "our" side you can expect me and whoever I manage to kidnap. I know several people in the NOC have expressed an interest. We'll also obviously provide some sort of room.

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A sign of life...

17 Mar 2017, by Marius Fylling from Core:Systems


This year, the Info:System has had some major changes. The structure of The Gathering has been changed, and in that process the Info:Systems crew has been renamed Core:Systems (read more about the change here, in Norwegian..). Oh, and another thing, no one from the old Info:Systems crew is participating this year. That means the entire Systems crew is new blood. Of course, this is not without some challenges.

Christian, aka lizter, has been so nice to help with the transition. He has been with the old Info:Systems crew for many years and has a lot of information and experience that we in Core:Systems really appreciate. Together with reading code, understanding documentation and sorting through config files, we have managed to somewhat get control over the potentially messy situation. I mean, everyone with some programming and/or IT-background knows it can be a messy thing to take over the work of a group of people.

We are pretty sure TG17 will be a really nice experience for all of us new bloods, and we really hope that the transition has not been too obvious. Well... Apart from closing down the forum. And did you notice the front page has SSL now? More on that later!

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